22 December 2020

Godzilla: The 2014 Edition

So I reviewed the 2014 edition of Godzilla a couple of years ago, but the sequel is on HBO or Showtime or whatever and a friend wanted to watch it. So I re-watched this movie as preparation. It was a mistake.

I am tempted to call it a monstrosity. Would that be going too far?

It is a monster movie. I get it. I even like monster movies. But there is a limit to suspension of disbelief.

So I will go with the 3 things that bothered me the most. Aside from the military as (mostly) gung-ho incompetents.

  1. The nuclear bombs we have today are soooo much more powerful than the ones we blew up in the 1950s.

    The truth is of course exactly the opposite. Accurate delivery systems meant we could develop weapons with smaller yields.

  2. An EMP shuts down everything for 10 minutes and then everything returns to normal.

    A real EMP shuts down everything electronic and most things electric. Period. Your phone, your car, refrigerators. They all become boat anchors and paperweights.

  3. The Golden Gate Bridge - a suspension bridge - stays up, even after one of the main cables is completely severed.

    That is not how suspension bridges work. If a cable fails, the entire structure will collapse.

There are of course more problems with the film. Small issues like the ones above. Large issues of character development. Or lack thereof.

And yet it still manages to be better than the Matthew Broderick movie from the 1990s.

I suppose the folks in Hollywood are convinced that everyone is as clueless as they are.

Here's the trailer, which manages to not give too much away.

You can find that original review at this link, though there isn't a lot there. Godzilla: The 2014 Edition. Well, there is a nice clip from the old movie Son of Godzilla, and Blue Oyster Cult's song "Godzilla."


  1. I like my monsters just guys wearing rubber suits

    1. Some of the 1960s era Godzilla films were great. Some were trash. But it was always about the story, not "Look at how good we are with special effects."

      One of my favorite scenes in all of movie history is the fight with the "Children of the Hydras Teeth" from the 1963 movie Jason and the Argonauts.


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