08 November 2020

You Keep Using That Word...

"I do not think it means what you think it means." 3 Teenagers Killed After Minneapolis Police Chase

Actually in this case, it is two words: Good kid.

“My son was a good kid, my nephew was a good kid, the other little fellow that was in the car he was a good kid but how can they show the society that they was good kids if they don’t have nothing to do,” he said.

So. Three "good kids" carjack a woman "with force" and then run from police, though maybe they were only just driving in a stolen vehicle. Just exactly how would you define a "bad kid?"

As in the Florida case, there are excuses, and no consequences, except of course for those dolled out by the Universe itself. Was this Justice or a Tragedy? It was likely neither of those things, but it was also probably inevitable.

Hat tip to Peggy from Something From (Almost) Nothing by way of a comment on the Florida post.

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