02 July 2024

Tuesday Links - 2 July

Meep is up first with International Lightning Safety Day: 2024 Lightning Death Toll Already at 3.

I’m sorry to report that during Lightning Safety Week this year, we had a lightning strike death:

News 12 New Jersey: Police: Man who died while getting kids off Seaside Park beach was struck by lightning

The Other McCain - Democrats Singing ‘Suspicious Minds’

Democrats are caught in a trap. They can’t walk out. As much as they may want to dump Joe Biden, there are a few problems — perhaps insurmountable problems — with any scenario to replace him.

The Other McCain - A Substack About Nothing

You can and should read the whole thing, which is 3,600 words long, but I figured if I was going to introduce myself to a new readership, the introduction should be thorough.

Lone Star Parson - Who's In Charge?

Look how she roars! Jill Biden, maybe she will save us from Pompey Redivivus, aka Orange Man Bad. Maybe she will, maybe she'll keep the Corrupt Old Fraud in power, forcing him to run again, even though he's a husk of a man, a burned out shell whom the demons have left like a discarded toy.

Tam at View From The Porch - Plane Size

Wow, this photo really gives a good perspective of the relative sizes of these things.

Again from The Other McCain - In Defense of Cynicism

There is an unfortunate shortage of Cynicism among the young nowadays. Their idealistic conceptions of “social justice” make them automatic suckers for every “cause” that comes along.

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