08 July 2024

Tolerance! Except for Ideas We Don't Like!

This is not news, and has been going on since Clinton was in The White House. Maybe longer than that. MAGA gays feel left out of LGBT movement

Trump-loving LGBT conservatives say they are marching to the tune of their own drum after finding themselves ostracized by the increasingly left leaning gay rights movement.

Mark Dorman, a retired teacher from Hell’s Kitchen, said he has been all but blacklisted from the Atlas Social Club, his local gay bar, since he spoke positively about the former president there last summer.

How dare you not embrace unbridled immigration. How dare you be in favor of fiscal responsibility. How dare you respect the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. [In your best Gretta T. voice] How dare you!

Click thru for details on relationships destroyed, people ostracized from the 'community,' etc. This is not news, not to me anyway. I can't tell you how many friends I lost when I decided that the best person to look out for my safety was me.

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