09 July 2024

It Is Not About Safety, It Is About Control of the Law Abiding

Should people who continually break gun-control laws be punished severely? Gun Control Groups Say the Bad Part Out Loud: 'Screw Public Safety' ~ VIDEO

When faced with a bill proposing longer prison sentences for repeat offenders who commit violent crimes using firearms, several national gun control groups opposed it.

Why? Because they don't care about public safety. They don't care about reducing violence. They care about controlling, and disarming, the law-abiding citizens. End of story.

The opposition by gun control groups to longer prison sentences for repeat violent offenders highlights a critical disconnect between their stated goals and their actions. While they claim to champion public safety, their reluctance to support measures that would keep dangerous individuals off the streets suggests otherwise. As informed and responsible citizens, we must advocate for policies that genuinely enhance public safety, including tougher penalties for violent criminals. It is time to call out the hypocrisy and demand a balanced approach that prioritizes the protection of innocent lives over political agendas.

Hat tip to The Gun Blog Blacklist.

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