23 June 2024

Fight Between Coworkers Ends in Self Defense Shooting

I read a lot of stories that don't make sense, because police never release all of the details while they are investigating. I have the feeling that this story will never make sense. Woman killed after fight between coworkers escalates in Rock Hill, police say

A female coworker was having a disagreement/argument with her male coworker. He got in his car and tried to drive away. She got into a car with an acquaintance, Brittney Reed.

The male got into his vehicle and started to drive away but Reed used her vehicle to block him in while he was in traffic.

The female co-worker walked up to the man’s passenger side window and pulled out a gun. He pulled out his gun and shot his co-worker, police said.

Brittney Reed then punched the guy in the face, and left when he screamed at her to leave.

The woman coworker was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Reed is charged with assault for the punch. The guy is not charged because self defense. Police collected both the woman's gun and the man's gun.

All this took place in Rock Hill, South Carolina, which is about a 25 mile drive south of Charlotte, North Carolina.

What was this about? No idea. Will whatever it was about, make sense? Probably not. It could be over anything from misuse of pronouns, to taking something out of the work refrigerator, to politics, to who got a promotion. It takes so little to set people off today. The veneer of civilization is thin.

Eventually the police will tell everyone what happened, but the media will not be interested, and you won't be able to find a story on it. Unless there are sensational details to the story.


  1. Reed used her car to block him in. Someone got dead BECAUSE she decided to get involved. I'm thinking assault is not the only problem she is going to have.

    1. It will be at least a week before the cops finish their paperwork and hand everything off to the DA. My guess is that this is just what they put on the preliminary paperwork.

      The frustrating thing about these stories is that the "Professional Journalists" never, or almost never, go back and revisit what happens, unless it is a particularly sensational case. They just move onto the next thing, and we never know what the final result is. I suppose I could find the court records - whenever those are made public - but that is never as easy as web search

  2. The Professional Journalists are just trying to fill today's lines. Actually following a story and providing real Coverage? Meh,,

  3. The place I work at has employed quite a few black and Hispanic bull dykes. They are prone to violence against each other and will fly off the handle at any fabricated or imaginary slight. I know of at least 4 instances in the last few years resulting in terminations. Diversity is our strength.


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