20 May 2024

Self Defense Is All About Attitude

In this case, the guy with the knife came out on top in a gunfight. Highlands County man kills suspected home intruder accused of shooting his wife

It also helps when law enforcement and the courts are on the side of the law abiding, and not the criminals.

Highlands County, Florida is in the south-central part of the state, midway between Sarasota and Port St. Lucie. It is about 60 miles south of Orlando.

A guy got into a couple's home, and shot the wife in the face. She ran for a neighbor's house, where she got some aid, and the people called 911. The husband grabbed a 7 inch "garden knife" and stabbed the guy with the gun repeatedly. He was dead at the scene.

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The [homeowner] was treated at an area hospital and released. [Sheriff Paul] Blackman says there are no intentions to charge the husband in this case.

In fact, Sheriff Blackman went on to say that if everyone defended themselves and their families with equal vigor, they would see less crime in Highlands County.

And no, I hadn't heard of a garden knife, but apparently they are a Japanese gardening tool, known as a hori hori knife.

Originating in Japan, the hori hori knife is a multipurpose gardening tool used for digging, cutting, and weeding. [From Bob Villa]

Not my first choice for a self defense weapon, but you use the tools that you have on hand.


  1. I looked the hori hori knife up. They have a ruler etched on the blade. The ones I saw stopped at six inches, one side of the blade is like a saw,.. I'm thinking it would be hori hori ble ble getting stabbed once. Having someone go Full Semi Auto on ya would be extra bad.

    1. There are different models, some being more knife like, but yeah, getting stabbed with one would totally ruin your day.

    2. I keep thinking... What do you get if you cross a Samurai sword with a gardener's hand spade?


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