02 April 2024

Tuesday Links - 2 April

Diogenes Middle Finger kicks things off with MSNBC is Straight Up a Cult

As one of the 99.9% of Americans who never or rarely ever watch MSNBC, my viewing habits were unaffected by the reports of the hissy fits triggered by the hiring and then firing of a failed RNC chairwoman. The pull of bias at MSNBC has so completely collapsed into itself like a cognitive black hole that there is not even room for a token punching bag RINO on staff.

IMAO - Conspiracy Theory!

But the alternate credit card froze their machine. Just when I finally offered to pay cash — after about two minutes — the terminal came back online and the charge was accepted.

SiGraybeard - A Commercial Space Story I Haven't Been Covering

I've been remiss in providing details on the Varda orbital experiments that recently concluded with a successful recovery of their payload that - much like OSIRIS-REx's samples - parachuted into the Utah desert in February. It's an important milestone and mission.

Second City Cop - This is a Good Idea

It's such a good idea, we don't expect it to be used here:

Rick Moran at PJ Media - 'Equity-Based Algebra' Is as Bad as You Imagine It to Be

The state Board of Education adopted CMF in 2022 and it's now a large part of the math curriculum in California schools. But there were so many complaints and lawsuits from parents about their children being unable to learn algebra in the name of "equity" that the algebra course has now been added back to the curriculum by the San Francisco school district.

The Other McCain - Trans. Sec. Buttigieg Announces $500M Pronoun Retooling Effort

We cannot even begin to rebuild this crucial infrastructure until we have outgrown this medieval mindset, even if takes a new bridge past a decade to complete.

The Gateway Pundit - Biden-Mart: Super PAC Launches Website to Compare Grocery Bills Now to What They Were Under Trump

The “Biden-Mart” website features an interactive checklist where users can “check off the items…to compile your weekly grocery list and see how much more expensive your bill has become under Joe Biden.”

Wombat-socho has a link to Song of the Day (SOTD). FMJRA 2.0: Gloom, Despair, Etc. There is also a fantasy baseball report, and more.

Power Line - Americans Don’t Like DEI

Woke capitalism is one of the strange phenomena of our era. I understand why government agencies might go in for DEI (Didn’t Earn It), since government at all levels is mostly in the hands of liberals and government employees, by their nature, are inclined to social engineering. But why corporations should sign up en masse for this left-wing nonsense is beyond me.

Again from Wombat-socho - Rule 5 Sunday: Paige For Purdue!

I had no idea that noted golf influencer Paige Spiranac was a Purdue fan, but apparently so.

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