15 April 2024

The British National Health Service - Third World Conditions

From London's The Telegraph we get the following. The NHS is killing us – it is an enemy of Britain

NHS is still held up as what is best about socialized medicine. Why? Because it might have been good 40 years ago. Things change.

A neighbour went to A&E [what we call the "emergency room" in the US] recently to get a nasty burn treated. “Honestly, it was like the Third World,” a shocked Kate reported. So many people were sitting on the floor, she said, that traversing the human tide to get to the reception desk was almost impossible.

While it does follow that one person for a while, it does get back to some basic statistics about the NHS later in the article.

The NHS promised it would get cancer waits back to pre-Covid levels by March 2021 but now it says the aim is to get it back to 70 per cent by March 2025.

“It feels like everyone has given up and accepted we can’t do it so they just rely on PR instead,” says [Prof Pat Price, a world-renowned oncologist].

And it isn't like it is just inconvenient, that you have to wait a long time, and deal with people who don't care about you, or even doing a good job.

The NHS is now in such a state of collapse, so chronically kaput, that it is actually killing people. Men, women and children who should be alive today are dead because they were born British. Lost forever to their loved ones because Britain has a health service with some of the worst outcomes in the developed world.

It comes down to the nature of bureaucracies.

In the words of one despairing doctor: “The NHS is run by managers for the benefit of managers. Patients don’t count.”

There is more. Click thru.

I can't wait until we have socialized medicine. (Hat tip to Political Hat.)

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