22 April 2024

Supreme Court Rules 9-0 That DEI Is Cause for Lawsuit

As usual Ace has a good take on the situation. Supreme Court Rules 9-0 That Reverse Discrimination Is Good Cause for Lawsuit; Left Frets That This Ruling Will "Complicate" Their Desire to Discriminate Against Straight White Men

Let me clarify this confusion for you: It's illegal to discriminate against someone based on their race. Even if the race being discriminated against is white (spit!).

And even if your justification is "equity."

This lawsuit was actually about sex discrimination against a woman. So, the standard sort of discrimination suit.

Leftist tears deluge has already begun of course. "But what will happen to my diviersity programs?"

These people are insisting that there's "good discrimination based on innate characteristics" and "bad discrimination based on innate characteristics."

There is no such distinction in the law. All discrimination based on innate characteristics is unlawful.

As was noted on Twitter, don't expect the media to talk about this. They don't want to advertise the fact that their whole DEI push is illegal. Imagine that. Discrimination is illegal in 2024.

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