01 April 2024

Self Defense and Felony Murder in California

I'm a bit shocked that felony murder is a thing in California. Oakland homeowner shot and killed burglar during attempted home invasion, police say

A homeowner was confronted by two home invaders. Gunfire was exchanged. The homeowner was shot in the foot. One of the two bad guys was killed. The other bad guy is charged with murder. That situation goes by different names in different jurisdictions, but most of us non-lawyers call it Felony Murder.

The March 15 killing of 39-year-old Charles Calloway has now been deemed by police and prosecutors a justifiable homicide, according to court records. But Calloway’s 38-year-old alleged accomplice, David Washington, has been charged with murder under the legal theory that he provoked the homeowner who killed Calloway into using lawful self-defense.

See what I mean about being shocked. The journalist has to call the idea that you are held responsible for the completely foreseeable consequences of your actions a legal theory. What it actually is, is the law in a lot of places, including Deep Blue California.

The homeowner's foot was treated. The one bad guy died at the scene. The other alleged bad guy was identified with "digital evidence" and security camera footage from the time of the shooting.

Is Self Defense is becoming a common thing in California? It seems so to me. Self Defense is a Human Right.

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