20 April 2024


Eivør (Eivør Pálsdóttir) is a Faroese singer that I have featured a few times. I really like the music she produces. (Faroese is the language spoken on the Faroe Islands.) I'm not sure exactly how I stumbled over her music, but I would guess that one of the music streaming services (Pandora or Spotify or YouTube) offered up one of her songs, when I was listening to something similar.

Since the song is in Faroese, here is a link to the lyrics and their English translation.

There is more on the meaning of the poem/lyrics at the translation link.

This song is "Jarðartrá" by Eivør. It is a single released ahead of her June, 2024 album Enn. It was released at the end of March.

‡The Faroe Islands are a grouping of islands, that are legally a portion of Denmark. They are about halfway between Norway and Iceland, or about 320 kilometers NNW of The United Kingdom.

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