22 April 2024

Felony Murder and Self Defense in California

I'm beginning to feel like I've stumbled thru the Looking Glass. An Oakland man opened fire on two home invaders, killing one. The other is facing the murder charge

Two guys broke into a home in east Oakland, California. The mistake they made was that the home was occupied, and the homeowner was armed.

After an exchange of gunfire, one of the men, Charles Calloway, was dead. His alleged accomplice, David Washington, took off, only to be arrested 10 days later.

Now Washington, 38, faces a murder charge in Calloway’s death, even though police don’t believe he fired the fatal shot, court records show. Washington is expected to enter a plea during a hearing in Alameda County Superior Court on Friday.

That is what most of us non-lawyer types call Felony Murder. Someone died as a direct result of a crime you were committing, so you're responsible. Or in this case David Washington is responsible. Allegedly. That is what the courts will decide I guess. The crime has different names in different jurisdictions, but they all share one thing in common; The Left believes that it is unfair to hold people accountable for the perfectly foreseeable consequences of their actions.

And since we are dealing with California, the journalist in question is either confused, or sure that his readers are confused, about self defense.

In the exchange of gunfire at the East Oakland home on March 15, the homeowner was shot in his foot and was hospitalized, police said. He was not charged with any crime. Under state law, homeowners are allowed to use deadly force to defend themselves against intruders if they fear for their safety, legal experts said.

And as for the Left REALLY not liking Felony Murder, click thru for the restrictions placed on its use by prosecutions in that state. It is quite frankly, insane.

In the meantime, self defense is a human right, and even in The People's Republic of California, it might be your legal right.

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