21 April 2024

Chicago Public Schools and the Sexual Abuse of Students

Chicago Public Schools sued by former student, claiming district failed to protect her from Lawndale High dean, Brian Crowder - ABC7 Chicago
A former student filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Chicago Public Schools, claiming the district failed to protect her from a former dean of students.

The one-time dean of Little Village Lawndale High School, Brian Crowder, was charged with assaulting the woman while she was in school. Those charges came down in 2022.

South Lawndale is one of the 77 neighborhoods in Chicago. Little Village is an area in South Lawndale that is sometimes called the Mexico of the Midwest. South Lawndale is home to the largest number of foreign-born Mexican people in Chicago. (That last bit is from the Wiki, but still probably not far off, even if you can't really trust the Wiki.)

The now 25-year-old claimed Crowder sexually abused her from 2013 to 2016.

The lawsuit also alleges that Crowder subjected the victim to two pregnancies, coerced her to have two abortions and posed as her parent to sign off on the procedures while she was still a student.

The suit basically says that Chicago Public Schools knew what what was going on, and did nothing.

The student said she reported the abuse to a teacher at the time, who is required by law to report it, but the teacher did nothing.

How many times have people said that the schools, and the unions, look out for themselves and their own, and not students, and then been shouted down? Well, here we have a case of exactly that. A teacher was told of the abuse, but did not report it. Teachers in the State of Illinois are required BY LAW to report such abuse. Apparently teachers in Chicago don't believe the law applies to them if it means ratting out their union brothers. The abuse was never reported. Why is that? Could it be because teachers and the the unions look out for their own and not the welfare of the students? No. I'm sure that's not the case.

Hat tip to Second City Cop - Teach Teachers Not to Rape

No wonder the Teachers' Union wants to keep parents in the dark about pronouns, transitioning kids to the genital choppers, and having CTU employees escort minor children to abortion centers. It's to cover up crimes.

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