26 March 2024

The Revolving Door on the Criminal Justice System

From The Other McCain we get the following observation on Social Justice. Just a Couple of Car Thieves

Y’know, one hears from the advocates of “social justice” that it’s wrong to be concerned about mere property crimes like theft, burglary and trespassing. Such crimes are non-violent, we are told. If the people who break into your home and steal your car also decide to kill you? Well, then it’s OK to call the police, but you can’t send people to prison for mere property crimes, say the advocates of “social justice,” because that would result in mass incarceration. So until they kill somebody, criminals must be turned loose, and then one day there’s a car accident in Pennsylvania and the cops have no idea they’re dealing with two murderers, because the victim’s body hasn’t been found yet.

Click thru for details and more.

As I've written on many occasions that they keep turning criminals loose until they actually kill someone.

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