28 March 2024

Self-defense in Illinois

If a man with a gun, tells you to leave his property, you should at least consider leaving the property. Man shot and killed on Collinsville porch identified by Madison County investigators

“The resident told the subject to leave, but he continued to refuse. As the subject became angry, the resident feared for his own safety and the safety of his family,” [a release from the Madison County Sheriff's Department] said. “The resident retreated into his home and retrieved his firearm while making numerous requests for the subject to leave.”

Collinsville, Illinois is about a 15 mile drive from downtown St. Louis. It is roughly due east of the city.

When the guy opened the storm door, as the first step toward forcing his way inside, the resident of the home fired one shot.

Jonathan J. Gagen, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Since the victim is related to a part-time employee of the Collinsville Police Department, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department has taken over the investigation.

In a typical journalistic bit of insanity, it isn't clear to me, is "the victim" they guy who was apparently shot in a case of justified self-defense, or was the victim the person who was forced to defend himself. My guess is they are talking about the guy who got shot, because journalists can't really tell the difference because an aggressor and a defender.

In any event, police did not arrest the guy who defended himself.

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