07 February 2024

The Gina Carano Suit Against Disney Lucasfilm

I have no idea how much coverage this story is getting, because I am completely cut off from the 24 hour news cycle. But even if you're aware of the suit, you might not be familiar with all of the back story.

This is the Nerdrotic video Gina Carano and Elon SUE Disney! Cancel Culture Gets CANCELED. This is a 15 minute (well, 14 and change) video that covers everything that happened to Gina since the lockdowns started in 2020 through her firing in 2021.


I have no idea what the merits are, but as Gary B. mentions in the video, the timing is perfect. The suit was announced yesterday, and the Disney earnings call is this afternoon at 4 PM eastern. Valiant Renegade will be on the call - listening in, anyway - if you're interested...

Gina Carano is someone who I really like. She isn't one of the greatest actresses of all time, but she has been good in any number of things. She stared in little-known action film, Haywire, that I thought was better than the reviews said. (A Marine, working for the CIA gets betrayed, and goes on a revenge mission.) She was an MMA fighter, so she came by the fighting honestly.

She played the character Angel Dust in Deadpool. "Superhero Landing!"

There is more, but that's enough for going on with...

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