25 February 2024

Self-Defense in St. Louis

It is becoming more common in the cities, as people realize that the government has given up on law and order. Suspect shot while breaking into historic masonic lodge

Sgt. Charles Wall with SLMPD said the suspect had broken into the Tuscan Masonic Temple on Westminster Pl. near Kingshighway around 4:30 am, setting off the building’s security alarms. Wall said a man living above the lodge woke up, found a gun and went searching through the building.

When the man saw the intruder, he shot him. Wall said police would approach the death as a shooting investigation, but it would be up to the Circuit Attorney to determine whether the shooting was justified under Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, which allows a defendant to use deadly force when they reasonably believe it is necessary in instances of a home invasion.

It remains to be seen if this will be judged legal self-defense. You can never tell in the Blue Cities. (Hat tip to Breitbart.)

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