29 February 2024

Road Rage Leads to Self-Defense Shooting in Michigan

Mother, daughter hospitalized following parking lot shooting

According to police Lt. Mario Bastianelli [of the Sterling Heights police], some sort of dispute erupted between the drivers of two cars as they traveled east on Hall Road. One of the drivers pulled off the road and into the parking lot to escape from the other.

“There was a confrontation in the parking lot,” he said. “The driver of a Durango is a CPL holder, and pulled out her gun and shot the other two women.”

Sterling Heights is a northern suburb of Detroit, with its lower boundary being 14 Mile Road. (You've probably heard something about 8 Mile Road.)

The two women, a mother and her daughter, who decided it was a good idea to follow the Concealed Carry Weapon license holder off the street and into a parking lot, when she was trying to get away from them, have both been hospitalized. The daughter is in critical condition.

Investigators said the woman who fired the gunshots was cooperating with police. She has been released from custody pending further investigation.

Self-defense is a Human Right, and even in Michigan it may be your legal right.

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