05 February 2024

Everything Is Racist - Chapter 147

The Other McCain has the details in New Form of Racism Has Been Discovered

Or maybe that should be, "Everything is racist when white people do it."

Moving is racist, when white people do it. When a white person chooses to relocate, the consequences are racism. To understand this, you have to understand what Steve Sailer dubs “Dirt Theory”: Any geographical location where black or brown people live is “Tragic Dirt,” afflicted by poverty and violence, and the only solution to their problem is to move them to white-occupied “Magic Dirt,” where everybody is rich and all the kids have high test scores. At least, this is how liberals seem to believe the world works, and have made “Dirt Theory” the basis of their attitude on such issues as immigration.

Read the rest for yourself. Especially the bit about how liberals really feel about freedom.

This brought to mind the Joe Jackson song "Cancer." It is from his 1982 album Night And Day.

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