28 February 2024

Create a Gun Free Zone and Assume Responsibility for Injuries Due to Crime

Most companies declare gun-free zones in an effort to limit liability. I wonder what impact this will have. Georgia Bill Makes Property Owners Liable for Injuries in Gun-Free Zones

Georgia House Bill 1364 makes property owners liable if a legal concealed carrier is harmed while barred from being armed for self-defense on the owner’s property.

HB 1364 says, “Any lawful weapons carrier who is prohibited from carrying… and who is injured… shall have a cause of action against the person, business or other entity that owns or legally controls such property,” according to 11 Alive.

So in Georgia you have the right to declare your property a legal-self-defense-free zone. Putting up a sign will not stop the bad guys from carrying weapons; it will only stop the law abiding citizens. Fine. But then you accept responsibility for the safety of the people you have disarmed. Seems right to me. (Hat tip to Keep and Bear Arms.)

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