09 December 2023

In a World Where Using the Wrong Pronouns Is "Violence," Calling for Genocide Is "Context Dependent"

What world would that be? The world of the Ivy League university. ‘Context Dependent’: Ivy League President Belatedly Realizes Maybe She Answered That Question About Genocide Wrong

For years I’ve been saying The Ivy League Is Decadent and Depraved, and perhaps some people thought this was mere hyperbole. Then came Tuesday, when the reality could no longer be denied — the decadence and depravity on live TV — and now even CNN can’t ignore it:

And remember, we're not only talking about "speech" and "protests." We are talking about riots, threats of violence, and vandalism. You know, actual crimes.

But the presidents of Penn, Harvard, and MIT couldn't be moved to condemn those crimes. Though The Other McCain focuses on Penn.

One cannot imagine Penn tolerating a neo-Nazi march on its campus, but when the Jew-haters at Penn are anti-Israel “progressives,” the university president must not condemn it outright.

But let's face it... the issue isn't about do Democrats hate the Jews (they do), the issue is votes and money.

Who was the intended audience of all that “Trump is Hitler” messaging from Democrats, really? And now these stupid college kids have screwed it up with their pro-Hamas protests. What a splendidly ironic outcome!

Read the whole thing.

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