01 December 2023

Friday Links - 1 December

The Other McCain starts us off with Suspect in Shooting of Palestinian Students ‘Struggled With Depression’

As much as the media might want to depict Eaton as a “right-wing extremist,” his biography doesn’t lend itself to such a narrative. Unless and until further evidence sheds more light on Eaton’s motive, then, his crime doesn’t help the media’s pin-the-tail-on-the-Republicans game.

Impro Guns - 3D Printed .22lr MAC submachine gun seized in The Netherlands

This is a design of almost fully 3D printed (and fully automatic) .22lr MAC type SMG released last year, one of which appears to have been seized earlier in the month by police in The Netherlands.

Daily Caller - Americans Buy Guns In Droves On Black Friday

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) completed 680,671 firearm background checks during the week of Black Friday, according to the organization. The FBI’s system executed 214,913 during the Black Friday holiday itself. Background checks for the week surrounding Black Friday in 2022 were slightly higher at 711,372. However, FBI background checks completed on Black Friday itself broke the previous record set in 2017 by over 11,000.

Small Dead Animals - Waiting Lists for Death

As long as Canada stubbornly adheres to the failed single-payer model for health care, MAID [Medical Assistance in Dying] will increasingly become the “go-to” strategy for dealing with waiting lists.

Stephen Green at Instapundit - HMM: Elon Musk warns ‘something scared’ OpenAI chief scientist Ilya Sutskever as CEO Sam Altman’s return fails to answer key questions.

I suppose we’ll learn what really happened when and if Skynet decides to tell us.

Ian Kingsbury and Jay P. Greene at Tablet Magazine - Bad Medicine

We observe that doctors are among those who have engaged in some of the most egregious displays of antisemitism, and that they are not regularly punished for their conduct.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 - THE PROFESSOR IS IN: How do I get started writing a book? (You should be reading Professor Yamane's writing and watching his videos.)

In this video, I answer a question posed on my YouTube channel by denniseckhard73:
Do you have any advice for someone who’s never written a book about how to get started?

Again from The Other McCain - MSNBC Guest Noura Erakat: ‘You Can Support Israel and Hate Jewish People’

Let’s start by agreeing that the ability to nod along with left-wing pretzel logic is pretty much Joy Reid’s only qualification to be on national TV, but then we have to proceed to asking the question, “Who is Rutgers University Professor Noura Erakat?”

Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony - Daily News Stuff 29 November 2023: Cocoa Banana Edition

The United Arab Emirates is playing host to the latest round of global climate talks this week. It is using those talks as a springboard for new oil and gas deals. (New York Times) (archive site)

I'm so proud.

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