13 November 2023

The Other McCain on the Leftist Capture of Education

He is gravely concerned at what is going on in the country, at the level of Leftist indoctrination. I would say he is late to the party. At least he got there in the end. The High Price of Forgetting

He does get this part right; most Americans know nothing about communism. Not even the communists. No one has studied the October Revolution, or Stalin's takeover. Most Americans have never heard of China's Great Leap Forward. A small number may have heard of the Cultural Revolution but they have little in the way of facts. And I can pretty well guarantee that virtually no American has heard of the Holodomor, in which Stalin & Co. killed millions of Ukrainians by freezing and starvation, because they were not excited to be collectivized.

And I can also state that almost no American has heard the name Walter Duranty, or knows that he got a Pulitzer Prize for parroting to Soviet propaganda about the conditions in Russia. He liked Communism, and he liked his position in Moscow. And he got that Pulitzer while working for NY Times and spreading the lies that the Soviet Union told him to tell.

The Times still has the prize, even though they know that all his reporting was fake news, they like having that extra Pulitzer to display, knowing that very few people know its history.

Stopping the spread of Communism was the primary focus of America’s national policy for at least 10 years before I was born, going back to when Winston Churchill gave his famous “Iron Curtain” speech in Fulton, Missouri. The evil of Communism was so widely recognized that it was usually taken for granted and, in hindsight, this was a mistake.

And so when the Leftists took over education it wasn't that big a deal. "Those who can do; etc." Except as Jim Butcher points out in The Dresden Files, education is about instilling power in the next generation. And the Right couldn't be bothered about that.

When some of us said things about the state of Comics, Movies and TV, and Literature, we were ridiculed. "It is only comics. You should have a serious concern." Except that comics, movies, TV, literature, etc. are "only" the culture. And the Right abandoned the culture to the Left, and now they are shocked to discover that the next generation doesn't share any of their cultural values. Since Politics is downstream from Culture, they are also shocked at the state of Politics.

As he correctly points out, in addition to not knowing the history of communist states, most of them also don't know anything about the writings of communism. They only know the buzz words. The marketing. But then they haven't been taught to think; they've been taught to obey.

What the Nazis did in demonizing “Jewish Science” was mirrored by the Soviets using “bourgeois” or “capitalist” as an epithet to demonize anything they opposed, whereas the bogus “science” of Lysenkoism was promoted as truth because it was seen as compatible with Stalinist ideology. Ridgeway’s point is that very similar coercive methods are being used to impose equally dubious beliefs about “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” etc., which conform to the Left’s radical ideology.

Well, The Right abandoned culture and education to the Left, and so the Left has been free to indoctrinate. What did you think they would do? Click thru for more.

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