02 October 2023


Within Temptation is one of my favorite Heavy Metal bands. They have an album coming out near the end of October, and to support that album they have released a single.

This is "Ritual" by Within Temptation. It was released as a single on Friday, September 29th ahead of their October 20th album, Bleed Out.


  1. I could write a lot here. This band is on the Epica, Nightwish level to me, Sharon is a great talent and is one of the founders of the band. They have been around as long as any of the symphonic metal bands with an extensive catalog of superior music. One thing I like about them is that they have moved into other musical areas , they even have a number with a rap artist and while I have no use for that genre, it works well . The band is another one that limits showboating and everyone seems to play within themselves.
    I have heard the complaint that Sharon isn't classically trained, don't care she sounds great to me, far better than most. A vocalist that gets the most from lesser talent would be the one from Battle Beast, Sharon is far beyond her. Don't take this as a dis on BB, she uses what she has very well and their music quite good.

  2. BTW, I have been listening to Shield of Wings lately, if you haven't heard them, i recommend a listen.


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