04 October 2023

Cops Don't Believe the Law Applies to Them

There are actually two incidents detailed in this article. I will only deal with the one in the headline. Grandmother 'sexually humiliated' by police in 'torture warehouse': lawsuit

A grandmother is suing the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) after allegedly being "sexually humiliated" inside a "torture warehouse" after a traffic stop, she claims in a lawsuit as the department reels from the fallout of the now-shuttered facility.

The department is facing compounding scrutiny after the FBI opened a civil rights investigation into a facility nicknamed the "Brave Cave," stemming from lawsuits filed by Ternell Brown and Jeremy Lee in September and August, respectively.

In the case of Brown it started small.

Brown was pulled over for her vehicle's window tint on June 10, per body camera footage reviewed by Fox News Digital. Officers asked her and her husband to stand outside the car with their hands on the back hood. After spotting an open Twisted Tea, they searched the vehicle and found two different types of pills prescribed to Brown stored together in the same bottle.

Brown's attorneys allege that their client told officers "at least four times" that the pills were legally prescribed to her and claim that their combined storage is not illegal.

She was taken to the Drug Facility known as the "Brave Cave" and strip searched. No procedures were followed. No documentation was provided.

Thompson told Fox News Digital that a medical professional must execute these searches per department policy, a measure that was not taken in Brown's case. A supervisor should be called for clearance, and then a warrant must be filed with a judge or magistrate, he said. To perform a body cavity search, the lawyer said, "something needs to be found" to warrant it during a body cavity search, and nothing was found in the searches of Brown and Lee.

"There is supposed to be documentation for why a strip search is needed. I have not seen any documentation as far as the findings and the reasoning," Thompson said.

The department has put out some meaningless boilerplate statement in the face of the lawsuit. They have closed the facility and disbanded the drug unit. But the reasoning of the cops is clear. They are fighting the war are drugs and nothing, not police procedure or the constitution, will be allowed to stand in their way. And they can do anything they please.

Four officers are facing charges over these two incidents. I will be surprised if anything comes of that.

Hat tip to SHTF Plan and The Free Thought Project. It is an article that mentions similar activities in Chicago at the infamous Homan Square facility.

This is not merely about Baton Rouge or Chicago; this is about an insidious mindset that considers certain lives disposable, all in the name of intelligence gathering or maintaining an ostensible semblance of control.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chicago's Homan Square, here is a bit from 2015 where the link is still good. Chicago Police: Routine Violence and Civil Rights Abuses.

Welcome to the police state. Another hint that you no longer live in the country you thought you did, but a country that resembles a tyranny more every year.

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