16 September 2023

The Young and the Lonely

I've said any number of times that I'm glad I'm in my sixties and not in my twenties. From the Other McCain: Unwanted and Unloved: Younger Americans Are Facing a Lonely Future.

Relationships and dating are very different than they were all those years ago. Things haven't gotten better. Here is what he had to say about one side of the equation.

Remember the case of Mackenzie Lueck, the University of Utah sorority sister who was murdered by a guy she met via “sugar daddy” dating sites? That a college girl from a respectable middle-class background should have been engaged in such behavior was shocking, but her friends refused to condemn her behavior, saying that criticism was “hurtful.”

Hey, kids, you know what’s more hurtful than criticism? Getting murdered because you were whoring around. But these “empowered” young women, like Mackenzie Lueck’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters, have been raised with the attitude that they should be exempt from criticism, no matter what they do.

Feminism apparently means never having to admit you were wrong about anything.

Click thru for the other side of the equation, and the implications for people who want to get married.

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