25 September 2023

Rest In Peace

More from Dorothy? Sure. I really like this band.

As I said earlier in the month... I found out about Dorothy, because the lead singer from the band, Dorothy Martin, performed on Nita Strauss' most recent album. I liked her voice, so I went looking for the band. The band consists of vocalist Dorothy Martin, guitarist Sam “Bam” Koltun, bassist Eliot Lorango, and Jake Hayden playing drums.

This song is "Rest In Peace" by Dorothy from the 2022 album Gifts from the Holy Ghost.


  1. Yeah not bad at all. It seems a bit over produced, but that can be said about so much of what is out there these days. It is why I prefer live tracks, though they can be over done too.

    1. It reminds me of European Metal that way. Most European bands are more highly produced than American - though there are very few American/Canadian bands that can even get labels in the US. (Kamelot had to go to Europe, and I think Unleash the Archers had to as well.)

      The most amazing thing about Dorothy is that their label is based in NYC.

    2. If Metal today isn't highly produced, it is "Wall of Sound" - which I take as just being loud. It's a style of production that was popular in the 1960s. It sounds "good" from a cheap car radio speaker - or today, from a cheap wireless/Bluetooth speaker

  2. I am old enough to remember Phil Spector and the wall of sound. About the only European metal I listen to is symphonic and Sabaton. And as I said above, I prefer the live tracks and concerts, even with a band like Nightwish. I am less of a fan of their studio recordings even though they add a lot of other material to their concerts also.


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