24 September 2023

Relatives of Dead People Don't Like Self-defense

This story is from a couple of days ago, but now we are getting reactions from the family of the guy who got shot. Family of school leader killed in high-rise upset after shooter released without charges: ‘He didn’t have to kill my brother’

The family of an assistant principal who was shot and killed by his neighbor in a Loop high-rise is hoping to get justice after the shooter was released without charges.

He did get justice. He was attacked, and he defended himself. That is legal, even in the People's Republic of Chicago.

“We’re hopeful that they’ll relook into this case and charge this man,” said the brother of Abnerd Joseph, an assistant principal at Intrinsic School who was shot after a confrontation between tenants last week.

For details on the incident, you can see my post "Role Model" Shot in Justifiable Homicide from Tuesday.

As for the brother, I know that he is hurting because his brother is gone, but what exactly was the shooter supposed to do. Stand there and let your brother attack him?

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  1. Happens a lot. In Groton, CT, the owner of the local DQ killed a strong-arm robber and his family sued. Turned out afterwards, the cops had linked the dead perp to a couple of robbery-murders of old people. But they didn't know who he was because his prints weren't in the system until his sojourn in the local morgue.


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