21 September 2023

How Bad Writing Has Destroyed Movies

Politics are downstream of culture, and for too long conservatives have abandoned the culture to the Progressive Left. Witness the result.

For decades I have hated most stories, movies and TV shows touch on time travel. Lately you can add multiverse stories to that. In both cases I see them as devices used by bad writers to try to cover up, or recover from, their bad writing. But I never put it into the stark terms that The Critical Drinker does.

This is The Critical Drinker's video Why Modern Movies Suck - Nobody Can Stay Dead!

There are a few exceptions to the time travel issue, and that list of exceptions does include Doctor Who. The stories I like don't use time travel as an out to fix a writing problem. They are based solidly on time travel. Time travel in shows like Doctor Who isn't a one-off device, it is central to the story. And if it is done right, with rules being established, and followed. And while like Doctor Who did that for a long time, Woke BBC did manage to screw it up in the past few years. Of course there are stories, like Star Trek: Enterprise, which included a story arc based on time-travel, that I actually despise.

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