27 September 2023

First Amendment Win in the Ninth Circuit

And a religious-based win. Fellowship of Christian Athletes scores big Ninth Circuit win for religious liberty and freedom of association | The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression

In April 2019, controversy erupted at the San Jose Unified School District’s Pioneer High School in California over a Fellowship of Christian Athletes requirement that student leaders comply with the group’s Statement of Faith and its Sexual Purity Statement. The former requires student leaders of the group to hew to the tenets of traditional Christian theology and the belief that “marriage is exclusively the union of one man and one woman,” while the latter affirms that “the appropriate place for sexual expression is in the context of a marriage relationship.”

They applied for recognition again in 2020, and they were rejected.

As with most cases of constitutional law, this one is not simple, and amenable to a few excerpts. You should click thru and read the whole thing. (Hat tip.)

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