10 June 2023

Ride Public Transit? Not Until It Is Safe

From The First Street Journal we get a story on the state of public transit in Kiladephia. As cities lose control of crime, how can anyone view public transportation as a solution to anything?

Is anyone surprised that this particular transit agency is not in great shape, and has lost riders as a result? The Left and the Media (but I repeat myself) seems surprised.

As the Democrats in a very Democratic city want to push SEPTA ridership, the public have been far less willing to actually use the service; Philadelphians and residents in the collar counties have, in effect, voted with their wallets. Some of it may be attributable to an increase in the number of people able to work from home some days, but when even the transit agency admits that it has lost control of the system, when the stories of serious crime on the buses and trains increase — the lesser crimes are no longer a story — how can anyone seriously contemplate public transportation as a solution to anything?

Of course the Democrats love public transit. They just hate law and order. Click thru for details on how some are working to decrease arrests on the system, because that is mean.

The hat tip goes to The Other McCain and ‘Other Unruly Acts’ in Killadelphia.

You see? It’s not really dangerous to ride on a train with criminals and dopeheads, the Inquirer wants its readers to believe. No, the problem is not the “unruly acts,” but rather that “many people feel unsafe.”

And he also highlights the fact that (according to the Left) the solution is to pay "Vast Sums" to make the system work. Of course none of those sums of money will go to Law and Order; that would be mean.

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