10 June 2023

He Is Not a Trump Supporter

At least that is my guess. Right-Wing Trump Supporter Charged in Murder of Black Transgender Woman : The Other McCain

Police eventually arrested Darius Mills in the shooting, but before that the Media and The Left (but I repeat myself) were free to say it was those evil Republicans.

Yes, black trans women are always “targeted” on Highland Avenue, Fairburn Road and MLK Boulevard in Atlanta, and if you know anything about the city, of course, these are the exact locations where you’d expect to find right-wing transphobic Trump voters.

None of the false claims about responsibility will be mentioned again of course. The Left never apologizes for anything.

“Possible motive”? The motive is obvious — TRUMP!

This guy was clearly a right-wing Republican, just like those guys in MAGA hats who attacked Jussie Smollett in Chicago.


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