09 June 2023

Friday Links - 9 June

Trending Politics is up first with a disturbing story. SICK: Christian American Arrested For Reading Bible At Pennsylvania ‘Pride’ Event

Damon Atkins, a Christian, was arrested this past weekend during a ‘Pride‘ event in Reading, Pennsylvania, for reading the Bible aloud, causing significant controversy over First Amendment rights.

The Other McCain is up next with a history lesson: D-Day: ‘The Blessing of Almighty God’

The U.S. forces in Operation Overlord did not keep a day-by-day casualty count — which would have been an impossible task, given the circumstances — but research indicates “there were about 1,465 American deaths, 3,184 wounded, [and] 1,928 missing” on D-Day itself.

And The Other McCain is up again with Death by ‘Mommy Makeover’? A post that wins the contest for the most Latin phrases in a composition outside of Classics Studies class. (Or a law school!)

It would be an incorrect assumption — committing the fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc — to suggest that Jacky Oh’s death was caused by whatever surgical “rejuvenation” she underwent in Miami. Also, you might get sued for libel for making such a suggestion.

Political Hat - Fighting Mandatory DEI Support in California

Universities and colleges have increasingly demanded “diversity statements” to suss out thoughtcriminals, if not outright demanding fealty to the “DEI” agenda. Some states’ legislatures have fought back, but in California, it is the people who must fight back against their own government.

Impro Guns - 9mm Glock

A copy of a Glock lovingly hammered together from sheet steel which was seized by police in the Philippines in March.

Had Enough Therapy? - The Nazis Are Coming

Now that the election season is gearing up, the smear merchants on the left will be flooding the airways with denunciations of Republicans as Nazis. Trump is Hitler, they will intone. That Trump was the most pro-Israeli president we have had in ages and that half his family is Jewish, does not count. Repeat after me, Trump is Hitler.

Daily Signal - Southern Poverty Law Center Adds Parental Rights Groups to ‘Hate Map’

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which brands mainstream conservative and Christian organizations as “hate groups,” placing them on a map with chapters of the Ku Klux Klan, added a slew of parental rights organizations to that “hate map” for 2022 and labeled them “antigovernment groups.”

Ambient Irony - Daily Tech News 8 June 2023: Working Nine To The Other Five Edition

It's not the nine-to-five (well, eight-to-six) that gets me, it's the wakeup call at one and the working until nine again.

Got hit by a botnet at work and, well, Docker is complete and utter shit the moment anything unexpected happens.

Again from The Other McCain - Cue the ‘Paw Patrol’ Theme Again

The laughingstock of the cable news industry is once again the butt of the joke, as CNN fires their CEO Chris Licht after just a year:

Smitty at TOM - BREAKING: Trump Indicted. Haven't heard a peep out of Smitty in some time. He has images of social media posts from Trump. Click thru.

The Other McCain again - I’ll Take ‘Symptomatic Evidence of Demonic Possession’ for $400, Alex

Father Lankester Merrin could not be reached for comment.

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