02 June 2023

Friday Links - 2 June

Tam at View from the Porch is up first with Ahead of the Curve

From the novel that introduced the world to the word "cyberspace" comes this bit about Artificial Intelligences...

Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog - The Tank Museum On The T-14 Armata

We’ve already covered why Russia’s T-14 Armata tank isn’t all that. Here’s a somewhat more balanced look from David Willey of The Tank Museum:

The Post Millennial - Chick-fil-A goes WOKE, commits to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion agenda

The uber-popular fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A has recently published its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statement, which appears to be a complete abandonment of its long-held Christian values.

Art Carden at AIER - Bill and Ted Take Joan of Arc to Walmart

To paraphrase something I first read from Sheldon Richman, just because some people cannot be trusted with liberty does not mean others can be trusted with power. It is liberty, not power, that has produced the modern cornucopia, so much so that flourishing lives rich with meaningful relationships and experiences are within easy reach of just about everyone.

Don Surber - George Bush, MIA

The only explanation for Bush’s silence is that he — like many Establishment Republicans — has simply given up on the American way of life and quit the battle against evil. The idea of American exceptionalism now embarrasses him, as does his haste to wage war following 9/11.

Mike Rowe - “Reguflation, and the Right to Try” (Ep. 323)

Those rights, as you may have heard, are in serious jeopardy, thanks to a looming bill in Congress called The PRO Act, which would, if passed, force millions of freelancers to become employees, and thereby completely destroy their ability to assume a level of risk that allows them to set their own schedules, plan for their own retirement, arrange for their own healthcare, and make a lot of other decisions most often associated with being a grown-up.

Professor David Yamane at Gun Culture 2.0 - Firearms Classes Taught Me Very Different Lessons than Harel Shapira Learned in His Study

My gun-skeptic friends had all of their biases about Gun Culture 2.0 confirmed, while my gun-sympathetic friends didn’t recognize themselves in Shapira’s characterization.

Again from Professor Yamane - TL:DR on Thoughts on “Firearms Classes Taught Me, and America, a Very Dangerous Lesson” Blog Post

I ended up spending 9 hours writing a 3,500 systematic response. Which is probably too much to ask of most people. So, here is the TL:DR or Cliff’s Notes version of that post. If you want to see any of these points elaborated or the documentation supporting them, please pop over to the original post.

The Other McCain - Visit Exciting Lowdes County!

Look, I’m not saying that every day in Lowndes County, Georgia, is filled with thrilling automotive stunts, but last week, one Florida driver passing through really gave ’em a show on Highway 84.

Again from View from the Porch - Season of the Snake

It's like we're experiencing a Cobra outbreak here in SoBro lately or something.

Lone Star Parson - Collapse of Empire

Oh, what a conspiracy theory! Said the person wearing rainbow socks who never looked at the national debt and couldn't be bothered to read history, ancient much less modern.

Sultan Knish - Department of Education Investigates Schools for Not Sexualizing Kids

The Department of Education launched its investigation to aid supporters of sexualizing children, but found nothing to justify the false accusations of racial or sexual discrimination. But a mere lack of evidence of wrongdoing means nothing to a predatory woke bureaucracy.

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Random Story: Part 1

It’s random story time here at Curmudgeon Compound…

The Other McCain again - What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

Where this anti-white “diversity” mania began, of course, is in higher education, where discrimination against white males has been more or less overt for the past 25 years. The admissions data that came out of the lawsuit Harvard showed that, year after year, 14% of the freshman class was black — demonstrating that a de facto numerical quota was in effect.

Pirate's Cove gets the last word with Bud Light Decides To Keep Digging Their Hole

Sometimes you just have to just chill, let things ride, and hope the issue goes away. Even though the problem isn’t lesbians, gays, and bisexuals, this will be seen as tone deaf and rubbing people’s faces in it.

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