02 April 2023

What Is Artificial Intelligence Going to do to Jobs and the Economy?

Wilder, Wealthy, Wise brings us A.I., Coming To A Workplace Near You. Sooner Than You Think.

So what is A.I. about to do the white collar job market?

My first time using actual A.I. at work resulted in a 2/3rd’s reduction in my work time with no reduction in quality. What it did was allow me to skip one mode of thought – the brainstorm, and move straight to production, correction, and editing. Those are the places where the work flows. Brainstorming (“uhhhh, what else, I know I’m missing something”) and creating that structure takes time.

And it is white collar jobs that are going to be targeted.

Remember when all those journalists told the coal miners kicked out of jobs because of Obama’s energy policy to “learn to code”? Remember when all those journalists kicked out of jobs because of the Internet were told “learn to code” on Twitter™, so Twitter® made telling them to “learn to code” a hatespeech?

Yeah, Pepperidge Farm™ remembers.

Because that is

  • Where A.I. can have the most impact, and
  • where the most expensive employees live.
It’s not pouring concrete and replacing a dude making $25 an hour where the money is. Hell, that’s more complicated than most people think, and requires a lot of things a robot can’t do yet because they have to interact with an unbounded physical world. But replacing a programmer making $450,000 a year that interacts only with ideas, abstractions and fictional anime girls? Do a few dozen of those, and now you’re talking bank. And, it turns out it’s easier.

People may actually come to realize that plumbers and electricians make good money. That auto repair is harder to automate than auto manufacturing.

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