24 March 2023

Who Could Have Predicted This? Everyone

This guy was always going to kill someone. Violence Against Women Update: Some Cases Are Just So … Unpredictable

Here is the basis of the prediction

So let’s add up the clues here:

  1. 2001 stabbing a man;
  2. 2014 attacking a woman with a hammer;
  3. Warrant for his arrest on probation violation;
  4. Carried a knife all the time “to protect himself”
  5. Latin Kings tattoo on his neck.

Here's how that prediction played out.

Keep your heart medication handy, folks, because you might go into cardiac arrest when I tell you that Robert Castillo had been arrested again, and is this time charged with murder after he stabbed his girlfriend 20 times during a Bible study at his sister’s home.

Click thru for the details, including his denial when told she died.

Feminists, who love to lecture us about “violence against women,” have said nothing about this case, for some reason.

So why would you associate with someone like this? Because you saw "the good in him?" That didn't work out to well in this case. There is a simple lesson here. If you hang out with bad people, bad things will happen. I would say that there are also a few other lessons, including some about the Criminal Justice System.

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