23 March 2023

I Would Be More Grateful to the Gun Manufacturer

That is probably what ultimately kept the family safe. Family Grateful For Rogers County Dispatcher After Man Tries To Break Into Home

Courtney Williams tried to break into a random house after getting into a hit-and-run accident and then running out of gas.

The Swinneys were sound asleep when they woke around 1 a.m. to their worst nightmare.

"I kept hearing bang bang and it just was reverberating through the walls," said Jennifer Swinney.

The husband screamed that he was armed, and the nut job never made it into the house.

Cops did eventually arrest Williams, and he kept changing his story. Cops used the terms "medicated" and "Under the influence." Crazy people are dangerous, and so are people under the influence.

As for if the homeowner actually had to defend himself...

"By this man's grace and the grace of God, he wasn't shot. Certainly, our homeowner would have been well within his rights. This guy's in his castle and we've got our knucklehead out here trying to kick the door down," said Sheriff Scott Walton, RCSO.

Oklahoma after all has not morphed into New Jersey. And self-defense is a human-right.

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