31 March 2023

Friday Links - 31 March

Wombat-socho is up first with a post I should have included on Tuesday. Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday: Riley Gaines

Swimmer Riley Gaines, who competed for the University of Kentucky in the NCAA finals against infamous troon “Lia” Thomas, has had some harsh words for the NCAA and also for elite athletes who thanked her privately for coming out against “transgender” men in women’s sports.

The Other McCain - Nashville Shooting: Expert on Violence Agrees That Crazy People Are Dangerous

Oh, she killed six people including three kids, but the IMPORTANT thing is to make sure we use the “correct” pronouns. Gotcha.

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Miscellanea. AC offers up some sanity in an insane world.

I do have one question. What the fuck are people thinking?

The mix of bad ideas repeated on a loop and growing weirdness is unstable. The Bidenverse’s inevitable decay has gone to ludicrous speed.

Tuna at Chant du Départ - It all started with a woman's suggestion!!

I came across what is probably a little known piece of history that covers the beginnings of the car radio to the development of a highly successful aircraft. I got it through email, but I also found it on the interwebs. This link has most of the story, but not as in depth as the one I'm sharing below. Enjoy.

Again from The Other McCain - The Unlimited Wretchedness of MSNBC

But being a liberal in the media means never having to question your values, because you are surrounded by like-minded people, and are never challenged by anyone whose opinion makes any difference to your well-being. In fact, liberalism endows its advocates with carte blanche, a practically unlimited license to misbehave, so that Jeffrey Toobin can masturbate during a Zoom meeting with his CNN colleagues without damaging his career prospects. And if you work for MSNBC, you can say anything — anything at all — as long as you never forget that your main job is to blame Republicans for all evil in the world:

Chicks on the Right - This Is Where We Are. You Good?

This is the way. Ridiculing the absurdity of how low the transactivist community has taken the country. Exposing its complete lack of logic and its denial of basic science.

Pirate's Cove - Kentucky Passes Big Law To Protect Kids From Groomers, Women From Gender Confused

This has obviously made the groomers very upset, like those at the Washington Post

Clayton Cramer - There Was a Warning

Not enough time for police to intervene but still a warning.

Finally from The Other McCain - BREAKING: TRUMP INDICTED

You can read the whole thing. Basically, Democrats want to outlaw opposition. Trump’s real crime — why he’s actually being prosecuted — is that he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. So now they’ve gotten one of their reliable party henchmen, Soros-funded DA Bragg, to convene a grand jury in Manhattan (where Hillary got 87% of the vote in 2016) to indict Trump on the basis of a far-fetched theory that the payment to Stormy Daniels was somehow felonious.

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