26 March 2023

Crazy People Are Dangerous

And it pays to be alert. Devil mask shooter suspect Michael Rudman tackled at Tampa strip club

An armed man wearing a devil mask on his face, dressed in red with a gun and flashlight in his hands is in custody after a Florida bouncer stopped him from entering a well-known Tampa strip club.

A bouncer outside the club wasn't paying him much heed, but then noticed that he had a gun in his hand and proceeded to stop the guy and get the gun out of hand.

There are more details if you click thru. Detectives did say that the crazy guy with the gun had been to the club the night before this incident.

One round from the gun discharged during the struggle, and two "unidentified" men came out of the club and helped the bouncer subdue the crazy guy.

The crazy guy is charged with several things including being in possession of a firearm while under a "Risk Protection Order."

It doesn't appear that the bouncer was armed security. I suppose that would be unsafe, or something.


  1. "It doesn't appear" Too bad, could have solved that problem once and for all.

  2. In the video the bouncer picks up and points the perp's gun at him and elects not to shoot. The bouncer is supposed to be an ex MMA fighter.


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