19 March 2023

Clifton Duncan and Antonio Sabato Jr. on Fixing Hollywood

Clifton Duncan is a master of the long-form interview. Long-form being 45 minutes to about an hour in most cases. If you enjoyed those old interview programs like David Frost, Larry King, or Tom Snyder, you might like Clifton Duncan as well.

Mr. Duncan was basically canceled by Hollywood and Broadway for refusing the jab. There is a link to a story on that below. How dare you not just shut up and do what you're told to do! How dare you (in your best Gretta T. voice) think for yourself.

From the show notes for this episode:

Antonio recently announced plans to start his own film studio that promotes conservative entertainment and films. He is the author of two books, "No Excuses: Antonio Sabato Jr. Workout for Life" and "Sabato: The Untold Story."

I've embedded the video below. You can find audio-only at the link above.

This is the Clifton Duncan interview with Antonio Sabato Jr.: Hollywood, Cultural Decline, & Finding God.

Here is that story about Duncan: ‘Canceled’ Star Clifton Duncan: No Regrets for Refusing Vaccination

Veteran actor recalls how industry shut him out for balking at COVID-19 jab

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