02 February 2023

Officer Gonzalo Carrasco Jr

End of Watch - Selma CA officer killed on job was father-to-be from Reedley | The Fresno Bee

Authorities identified Gonzalo Carrasco Jr. on Wednesday as the officer killed on the job in a Selma neighborhood, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said. Carrasco was from Reedley, the son of farmworkers and a father-to-be, according to the sheriff’s office.


  1. Third California law enforcement officer murdered in a month, 2 by people who should have been in prison at the time.

    1. I was searching for these stories daily, but it became too much to deal with. Now I only publish them when I trip over them via other searches.

      Cops are being killed regularly. Carjacking is out of control. 13-year-olds are killing other teenagers. Organized shoplifting is a thing. DAs who refuse to prosecute.

      Civilization was nice while it lasted.


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