31 January 2023

Tuesday Links - 31 January

The Other McCain starts us off with The Diversity of ‘White Supremacy’. Mostly about Memphis and Tyre Nichols, but other subjects are touched upon, as well.

Excuse me for being sarcastic about matters of life and death, but if sarcasm was a crime, I’d be a habitual offender. Sarcasm is my response to everything, especially tragic circumstances over which I have no control. Do I want people to die because they resisted arrest or fled at 130 mph in a KIA? No, this is not what I want, but these people don’t seek my advice before they do the things that get them killed, so what happens to them is not my responsibility.

Mike Rowe - Coffee with Mom: It’s Hatchet Throwing Season!!!

Peggy Rowe is going to be 85-years-old tomorrow [Jan 28th]. I’m celebrating the occasion with the first of what I hope will be many episodes of a new segment on the podcast called Coffee with Mom, wherein I catch up with America’s Grandmother over a cuppa joe. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is threefold.

Impro Guns - Yorkshire farmer 3D prints AR15 assault rifle Either Impro Guns, or the gunsmiths, have been on a streak lately.

Campaigners have slammed a loophole in UK gun law which allows anyone with a 3D printer to become their very own assault rifle factory at home.

Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog - The Latest, Greatest Russian Vaporware Coming To Ukraine

Once again, Russia has announced its latest Wunderwaffe is coming to Ukraine, which ZeroHedge treats seriously, because ZeroHedge.

The Adventures of Roberta X - Basic Civilization

Update: I'm still getting comments about how Tyre Nichols deserved what he got, from online "experts" who apparently know more than the police chief or prosecutor, who think they know more about the man's injuries from a bit of video than the doctors who examined him in person. Here's a tip: you don't.

Bookworm Room - Tyre Nichols, Race Baiting & The War on Police (Updated)

The death of Tyre Nichols was horrid and unnecessary, but racial and anti-police politics, not justice, appear to be front and center in this case.

Watts Up With That? - February Fantasy Versus Reality

Yesterday, Eric Worrall posted an interesting article entitled “Forbes: Global Warming is Causing Colder Februaries“. The title says it all.

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