22 January 2023

If You Shoot at Cops, You Are NOT a Protestor

You have the right to peacefully protest. You don't have the right to shoot at cops and call it a protest. If you engage in civil disobedience, you should expect to be arrested. If you go on to play stupid games, well... Georgia trooper stable after being shot, protester killed near controversial 'Cop City' police facility site

If you shoot at cops, they will shoot back. Is anyone surprised by this?

This was at the site of a proposed Atlanta Police Department training facility, derogatorily called "Cop City" by the people opposed to it.

The shooting happened around 9 a.m. Wednesday during a "clearing operation" at the site, Georgia Department of Public Safety Colonel Chris Wright said at a press conference at Grady Memorial Hospital. Investigators say law enforcement officers were attempted to get a man out of a tent located on the property.

He did not respond to commands given to him to exit and at some point, Wright said that a protestor fired a shot, hitting the trooper. Officers returned fire, killing the suspect.

The officer is through with surgery and is in the ICU in an Atlanta hospital.

And make no mistake, these are not peaceful protestors.

People are "illegally occupying" the area and are committing criminal acts that endanger the community, including arson, beating people up, using explosives and setting booby traps that have the potential to seriously hurt someone, [Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Michael Register said.

I haven't followed up on this story, but I'm sure someone had something to say about how cops shooting back is "unfair."

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