26 January 2023

Enabling Addiction is NOT Compassion

Giving people what they want is not always what is good for them. San Francisco Bay Area mother of fentanyl user warns city is enabling son's drug use | Fox News

"My son, who is addicted to fentanyl and living on the streets of San Francisco, has told me that ... San Francisco is like hell because you can get everything that you want to stay addicted very, very easily and there's no pressure to get well," Jacqui Berlinn told Fox News.

But that is what liberal policies are all about. A "safe space" to do drugs doesn't acknowledge the fact that drugs are not safe.

Berlinn's 31-year-old son has been battling addiction and homelessness in different forms for years and has attempted rehabilitation several times. However, San Francisco's progressive policies soften the consequences for drug user and sellers, harming both the city and users alike, according to Berlinn.

Go read the whole thing. She is trying to convince the city to change course. I don't think she will have much luck.

1 comment:

  1. Easy to make the charge.
    But are they giving her son the fentanyl? Or is he just a loser? Or what?
    This is why Snowflake's Mommy is always a poor witness, and an unreliable source.
    If San Franshitsco is at fault, or doing something stupid (and with Frisco, the odds are 100:1 in favor of) best to specify it, instead of making vague allegations.
    Otherwise this is just Jerry Springer with less chair-throwing.


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