06 December 2022

Tuesday Links - 6 December

A somewhat abbreviated Links post, but real life and all that...

The Other McCain is up first with #TWITTERGATE: Elon Musk Exposes Twitter’s 2020 Election Interference

One of the things Elon Musk bought for $44 billion was proprietary rights to Twitter’s internal communications and — whoo, doggies! — what a treasure trove it proves to be:

Cafe Hayek - Homeschooling As Evidence of the Decrepitude of Government K-12 “Education”

Here’s a letter to National Review:

Ray Cardello at Granite Grok - Sunday Spotlight: He Was Safe on a Chicago Roof

Chicago was once one of America’s great cities. Under the leadership, or lack thereof, of Democrat Mayors like Lori Lightfoot, the city is now known as one of the homicide centers of the country. The city is no longer safe, resulting in people and businesses leaving the city in droves. Pastor Brooks is not one to give up on the city he loves.

Don Surber - Bidenomics leads to NYT strike

McCreesh wrote, "This winter is shaping up to be a frosty one for everyone in the media as the economy teeters on the edge of a recession. On Monday, Bob Iger said he isn’t lifting Disney’s hiring freeze. On Tuesday, James Dolan sent a memo to his employees at AMC Networks about a coming 'large-scale layoff.' On Wednesday, Chris Licht cut the cord on more CNN employees, and there were layoffs at CBS Studios, too."

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Speak Clearly / Think Clearly: Part 1: Nobody Expects Monty Python

We forget how to use the right words for things. There are English words that are perfectly adequate to most situations. They come from a time when words actually meant things. Words were once used to convey thoughts precisely instead of bury facts that might make us use our intellect. Unlike our current world of perpetual relativism which is a vocabulary of nudges and winks.

Chicks on the Right - Justice Gorsuch Calls Out “Reeducation Program” During 1st Amendment & LGBTQ Case

The case has already generated some interesting audio clips, like this one by conservative Justice Gorsuch about semantics and the manipulation of language. He refers to a “reeducation program” that Colorado baker Jack Phillips was required to complete when he refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding, while the Colorado solicitor general insists it was “a training to educate him.”

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