22 November 2022

The FGC9 MKII - 3D Printed Gun

The FGC9 MKII is an interesting firearm. It is a combination of 3D printed parts and some metal bits that you can buy off the internet. Some of the metal bits you might get from your local Big Box hardware store. The barrel starts life as a piece of seamless steel tube, and is rifled by way of electro-chemical machining (ECM), which uses electricity, and some ingenuity to cut rifling inside the tube.

This is the Print Shoot Repeat video The FGC9 MKII | Making Tyrants Afraid Again. The video is a bit long at 19 minutes, and a great deal of it is probably only of interest if you are considering building one, but the first 5 or 10 minutes of the video is of general interest and I can recommend it.

Hat tip goes to Imrpo Guns: The FGC-9 MK2 – Making Tyrants Afraid Again. There is a second video at that link that is only 20 seconds

Personally, if I were going to build my own firearm from scratch, I don't think I would go the 3D printing route. The guns do have some problems. There are plans to build guns completely out of metal, and I'm not talking about 80% kits, though I think those are cool as well. There are guns built completely from steel bar, and plate, and tube. I do like the idea of ECM machining, though there are simple ways to build sine-bar cut rifling machines. I've even seen a video by a machinist who cut his own rifle button on a lathe, and pushed it through a barrel blank with a hydraulic press. (That is a bit out of my reach.)

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  1. For me 3D printed guns are in the same category as the slam fire water pipe shotguns of an earlier era. They weren't meant to be a main battle arm, just something to be used to acquire one from someone who was issued one.


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