24 November 2022

The De-industrializing of Germany

Probably all of Europe. From Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog: The Ukraine War Is Crushing Germany’s Green Energy Delusions

The combination of pretending to transition to a green energy future combined with dependence on Russian gas and the fallout of the Russo-Ukrainian War has Germany looking at some very tough choices:

The are many, but the impacts on agriculture will kill people, and the impact on metallurgy will kill economies.

“No one is making nitrogen-based fertilizer in Europe anymore. No one is smelting aluminum anymore. A lot of the steel foundries are shutting down.”

Modern agriculture is dependent on nitrogen fertilizer. Aluminum is an energy expensive business, as is producing steel.

And winter hasn't arrived yet.

I suppose that some of this might actually make sense if Germany had managed to convert to some other kind of power, but all they've done is cause problems for themselves.

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