30 September 2022

Friday Links - 30 September

Daisy at Chicks on the Right is up first with Yet Another Gaffe By Our Idiot-In-Chief… Biden asks, "Where's Jackie?"

Jackie Walorski was an Indiana congresswoman from 2013 until this year, when she died in a car accident on August 3rd. She was awesome – a truly remarkable woman. ...

Biden should never be given a microphone ever again:

The Other McCain is up next with a report from a not-quite-war-zone: Surviving the Hurricane, So Far

The power went out early Wednesday morning when a transformer blew out in their neighborhood, and about half the city is now without electricity. Downtown was totally flooded Wednesday, but my daughter’s house east of the city is still above water, although they’ve kept a close eye on the canal behind their house. They’ve got a three-day food supply, so they’re in pretty good shape. Watching national TV on Wednesday, you might have gotten the idea that the folks trapped in Naples and Fort Myers were guilty of ignoring warnings or had disobeyed evacuation orders, which is grossly misleading. Rather, the fault is with the shifting projections of the storm’s track.

The LawDog Files - Nordstream. Maintenance and the lack thereof...

They officially shut it down in July of 2020 for maintenance, and had cornbread hell getting it back on-line, and “issues” with maintaining flow throughout the next year; shut it down again in July of 2021, with bigger “issues” — we say “issues” because the Russians won’t explain what these issues were — and even more problems, including unexplained, major disruptions in gas flow in Dec21/Jan22; Feb 22; and April 22.

Yeah, there’s problems with those lines. And these are the same folks that PMCS’d [Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services] Chernobyl.

Juvat at Chant du Départ - Family and friends

Mrs. J's 6 month campaign to get the Juvat Clan and friends together for an overseas cruise has finally arrived at the execution phase. All the covid stupidity has been complied with. Shot Cards are enclosed with the passports. Airline Tickets are in hand. Rendezvous with MBD, SIL and MG is complete and drop-off at the airport completed. In-processing is complete and airport security is next.

Toni Williams at Victory Girls - Bonhomme Richard Fire Trial Emblematic Of Larger Issues

Every. Single. Action. In this situation is emblematic of the larger problems that afflict the Navy and our military as a whole. If this is not rectified yesterday, our military won’t be any good against the Rhode Island League of Women Voters, let alone the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Vodka Pundit - Meet the New GOP: Younger, More Female, More Hispanic (and More Attractive, if You'll Pardon Me)

I had a little birdie whisper in my ear last night that Virginia’s 7th Congressional District is one of those races to watch on election night. There, Republican Yesli Vega is taking on two-term Democrat incumbent Abigail Spanberger.

Vega is the daughter of refugees from El Salvador’s civil war. She and her husband, Army vet Rene, have two children. Vega got her start in Virginia law enforcement, working as a patrol officer, field training officer, hostage negotiator, and crisis intervention team member.

The Right Scoop - CNN’s Don Lemon tries to get NOAA scientist to blame Hurricane Ian on climate change, but he won’t do it…

But Lemon persists and pushes Rohme on the question again. That’s when Rohme says you can’t link climate change to one weather event and cautioned against Lemon trying to do so.

Again from The Other McCain - Worst. President. Ever.

Ace goes on an extended rant about this: “Confiscate the kulaks’ farms and kill them, and then blame the dead traitors for the poor yields. It’s been part of the authoritarians’ playbook since the 1930s.

Bookworm Room - FBI’s descent into evil shows pensions corrupt government workers

These people know that they are [now] working in a hopelessly corrupt institution and that, by continuing there, they are besmirching their own morals and souls. And yet they remain because — damn it! — they’ve earned chunks of that pension already and don’t want to walk away.

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