03 September 2022

Armed Citizen Stops Mass Shooting

Which is why I hadn't seen much about this, I'm sure. Mother of 5 is one victim of what Detroit Police call 'random' shooting rampage

He opened fire on people in a neighborhood near a bus stop. He killed 3 and injured one. Then a neighbor stepped up.

The people who lost their lives are on the mind of neighbors on Pennington, where the gunman shot and tried to kill a fourth victim, but neighbors fought back. Detroit Police describe the man as an 80-year-old. He and his dog were shot but survived.

“He saw my weapon and he went from predator to prey. He had that look of shock,” said a neighbor who grabbed his gun and shot back, to protect his elderly neighbor.

“The neighbor, he fired a shot and the guy turned around and took off. He scattered like a jack rabbit,” said Wallace Pleasant, who witnessed it.

They don't say how long this took, but it was probably a couple of minutes or so. What is 911 response time in Detroit? I know it is better than it was, but how many people would have died if "call 911 and wait for help" was the ONLY option?

Self-defense is a human-right. And defense of others as well. (Hat tip USA Carry.)

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